Sunday, September 25, 2016

EDSA Shrine Sayaw Kulay Festival

EDSA Shrine

Dedicated to the Mother, Mary Queen of Peace,
EDSA Shrine stands as a Monument of Peace.

EDSA Revolution   gave birth to EDSA Shrine!

A Revolution!
Yes, indeed.
But a Peaceful People Power Revolution for it was
A Revolution of Faith, Hope and Love.

Formally consecrated to God and dedicated to the Mother
on December 15, 1989,
EDSA Shrine was first etched, given shape, built and inaugurated
in the hearts of millions of Filipinos
in that four fateful days of February 1986.

They came to EDSA
not with high powered guns and artilleries,
yet equipped with “power from above”


And they won the battle!!!

Who will not be moved and conquered
by the “Revolution of Faith”
where God is its armor and shield?
Who will not see light
with the “Revolution of Hope”
where nightfall is as clear as dawn?
Who will not be captivated and consumed
by the “Revolution of Love”
where springs of  life-giving water flow  in abundance?

Yes, Peace was won!!! (Orange)
The Light has dawned.
It was a Moment of Creation.
The whole world saw how good Peace was.

Peace was won!!! (Gold)
Love destroyed walls and boundaries
that divide and separate.
Unity was not a dream but a reality:

Peace was won!!! (Turquoise)
Man, once again, put his trust in God
and took Him as his greatest possession.

Peace was won!!! (Yellow)
Unwavering Faith became a proclamation
of a truly peaceful and dignified life.

Peace was won!!! (Pink)
“The mighty was cast down from their thrones;
And the lowly was lifted up
and filled with good things.”

Peace was won!!! Green)
Justice was served
and mended broken relationships.
Forgiveness healed the whole land.
All became brothers again.

Peace was won!!! (Red)
Jesus, the Good News,
became man’s Peace… man’s Hope…
Eternal Life!!!

Peace was won!!! (Lilac)
Men became ONE
as the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are One.

Peace was won!!! (Blue)
Peace found a Home…
in the Heart of Man…
in the Heart of every Filipino
in the heart of every Peace-loving People in the world.

And EDSA was filled with colors…
Yes, different Colors of Peace!!!

Our Sayaw-Kulay” Festival   is our way of


that most shining Moment in our history as a People of God
that took place on February 22-25, 1986;

that most loving and abiding Presence of God in us and amongst us –
as a Nation and as a Church;

and that most wonderful and colorful Gift of Peace
given to us through the loving intercession of the Mother –

Mary, Queen of Peace: Our Lady of EDSA.



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